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Stand-alone solar power plants

автономные солнечные электростанции

Ready configurations of stand-alone plants:

Icon of Коммерческое предложение 0.5кВт автоном Коммерческое предложение 0.5кВт автоном
[616.5 KB, Ver., Скачано: 8105 раз(а)]
Icon of Коммерческое предложение 1кВт автоном Коммерческое предложение 1кВт автоном
[617.8 KB, Ver., Скачано: 9935 раз(а)]
Icon of Коммерческое предложение 2кВт автоном Коммерческое предложение 2кВт автоном
[621.0 KB, Ver., Скачано: 8921 раз(а)]
Icon of Коммерческое предложение 3кВт автоном Коммерческое предложение 3кВт автоном
[617.4 KB, Ver., Скачано: 12751 раз(а)]
Icon of Коммерческое предложение 8кВт автоном Коммерческое предложение 8кВт автоном
[619.6 KB, Ver., Скачано: 15594 раз(а)]

The stand-alone photovoltaic power plants may operate as a primary power system or uninterrupted power supply. They are essential there, where there is no possibility to connect to the power grid for public use but there is the necessity in the reliable power system with stable quality: isolated cottages and hotels, motorway filling stations, production and commercial facilities, being remote from utilities.

These plants do not support the parallel operation with centralized power grid; however, they can work together with diesel generators, wind generators and mini HPP. Using the commercial offers for stand-alone plants, developed by Atmosfera, you can create any hybrid electrical power system using PV modules.

The available commercial offers with installed capacity from 140 W to 6 kW will fit most requests for backup or stand-alone power supply. If the ready configurations of stand-alone solar power plants, suggested by us, do not suit you, we are ready to prepare the individual commercial offer for your technical specifications.