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Solar thermal systems – this is the improvement of Your service, reduction in expenditures for hot water supply, increase in incomes and pay-back in total for 4 years!

  • 70% guaranteed savings for HWS;
  • Preheating of water for dishwashers and washing machines;
  • “Green” image of your business;
  • Heating support;
  • Simple integration and aesthetic appearance.


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    Solar thermal systems and HoReCa: they are created for each other!

    The hotel business and public catering always require the great volumes of hot water for hygienic needs of visitors, laundering of bed cloths and table clothes, dishwashing. Hot water supply costs money.

    Solar thermal system “Atmosfera” will allow reducing and sometimes completely excluding these expenses!

    The solar thermal system will free of charge heat almost any volumes of water for your business, so, your visitors will be able comfortably to take a hot shower at any time during a day. Supplying not cold water, preheated by solar system, to the washing machines and dishwashers, you can significantly decrease your bills for electric energy.

    Nice appearance and “green” image

    Together with the quality of service, tasty cuisine and convenient location, the doubtless advantages of hotels, restaurants and cafes are the aesthetic appeal and style of decoration. The compulsory condition for shops, located in recreation areas and oriented to “green” tourism, is “eco-friendly” image and accentuated environmental friendliness.

    The solar thermal collectors, located on the roof or façade of your undertaking will reliably emphasize its “green” image, fit into any architectural concept and will not spoil the appearance of building. And the absence of unpleasant smell from combustion of coal or gas will become an additional competitive advantage.



    Low investments and quick payback

    The size of investments at implementation of solar thermal system in hotel business and public catering is at the level of USD 6 per liter of hot water during a day.

    The payback period of such system within HoReCa segment is from 4 years.

    How does it work?

    Схема использования гелиосистемы для HoReCa

    The solar thermal collectors heat water for use at shower rooms, preheat water for dishwashers and washing machines.

    Please, tell us more about your undertaking for us to prepare the best offer:

      Purpose for installation of solar thermal system:

      Parameters for consumption of hot water:

      Parameters for heat consumption for heating:

      Data for installation of collectors: