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Solar heating for swimming pool

The use of solar heating system is the simplest and cheapest way to provide with the comfortable water temperature in the swimming pool of any volume. Hereby, it does not matter, whether it is an outdoor or indoor pool, whether it is used only during warm period or all the year round. The correctly designed solar system will warm your pool up to necessary temperature during warm season or as minimum will allow significantly reducing the expenses for pool heating in winter.

Solar heating of swimming pool

How is it beneficial to warm water in pool using the solar system?

Солнечный подогрев бассейнаThe solar system warms the water in the pool free of charge! The initial investments into equipment and assembly of solar thermal system start paying back already during the first day of its use – the sun shines, and the water in the pool is warmed. And this is at zero energy expenditures!

Moreover, the free of charge pool heating may become the secondary (“bonus”) result from operation of solar system for hot water supply (HWS). The thing is that the solar system during the periods of peak global insolation may function in the mode of heat overproduction. In this case the capacity of the pool is the reservoir for discharge of excessive heat from the solar system. So, if you have the pool, the use of solar thermal system for HWS is practically a choice without alternative!

Average monthly water temperature in pool

Average monthly water temperature in pool

But what shall I do if I am not interested in HWS and I would like only to heat my pool?

This is also not a problem at all! Atmosfera designed the thermosyphon solar collectors Atmosfera-Octagon especially for such tasks.

Collectors Octagon are designed namely for flowing water heating in pools and other open reservoirs. Octagons are simple, efficient and very cheap. They can warm a pool practically of any volume: model Octagon-25 with 25 vacuum pipes will fit to the small pool with the volume of up to 10 m3, Octagon-50 (50 pipes) will warm 20 m3 pool without any problems.

If you need to warm more water – it is not a problem. You can easily connect by cascades as many Octagons as you need, increasing the productive capacity practically without restrictions!

Cascading of Octagon collectors

Cascading of Octagon collectors

The outstanding peculiarity of thermosyphon solar collectors Octagon is that they do not require any additional equipment, except a circulating pump. The heat exchangers of Octagons have the increased section thanks to which their hydraulic friction is reduced. Thus, Octagons are easily fit into the filtration system of pool and can efficiently function even at circulation of filtration system itself.

But you can do even without circulating pump if you use collector Octagon 50, having arranged it lower than the water level in pool. The heat exchanger in collector Octagon-50 is oriented vertically, so, the water passage through collector may be carried out by natural circulation under effect of gravitation forces.

The heat exchanger of collectors Octagon is made of stainless steel and is resistible to chlorinated water, different admixtures, such as sunburn creams and other household chemicals.

Would you like to know how to warm your pool with the sun?