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Energy audit

energy_auditATMOSFERA company provide complete energy audits, the purpose of which is to implement real steps to save electricity and costs. The proposed actions are not limited to the elementary replacement of bulbs by LEDs or the replacement of boilers. We offer our customers real steps to achieve the maximum effect of an energy audit.

So why do you need an energy audit?

– Identification of the main cost items in the energy balance of an enterprise: most often, enterprises waste a lot of electricity without controlling the main sources of energy loss.
An energy audit systematizes and shows where and how energy is spent. And as a result of an energy audit, the client receives recommendations to reduce energy costs, as well as proposals to reduce total energy consumption with detailed economic calculations;

– reducing energy consumption in any enterprise is one of the main challenges for the modern managing style of any enterprise.
Reducing energy costs = reducing the cost of production or services. In modern world, reducing the cost of a product is a condition of survival for many types of businesses..

We specialize in such energy-efficient and energy-saving activities:

Internal power grids:

  • Reduction of losses in transformers by the correct choice of their power, rationalization of their work, elimination of idling at low loads.
  • Reducing losses in power lines by reducing the currents flowing through them. This is possible when using redundant and parallel lines, as well as increasing the voltage in the grid.
  • Reducing the electrical load of the enterprise during hours of maximum power system (when the electricity is most expensive).
  • Diversification of sources of electricity by installing the consumer’s own generating plants that produce electricity from alternative (renewable) energy sources.

Consumption control:

  • Installation of meters and metering systems in separate sections of the enterprise’s energy supply
  • Switching to a wider tariff menu.


  • Using of automatic motor drive control systems (frequency converters, optimizer controllers, soft starters).


  • Use of energy-saving heating systems (solar thermal collectors, heat pumps)
  • The use of thermal storages.