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The photoelectric hot water supply systems use the electric energy, produced by PV panels, for direct heating of water in hot water supply and heat supply system. The system is compatible with any storage tanks that allow installing a heating element and a temperature sensor

The high efficiency in operation of system is achieved by application of PV modules in combination with technology of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). The absence of heat losses in the pipeline and increase in production capacity of PV thanks to cooling of panels during cold season of the year provides with the larger efficiency during winter period in comparison with the solar thermal systems.

  • compatible with any storage tanks and heating elements;
  • a flexible operation with energy overproduction: shutdown, charge of accumulator batteries, heating of additional boiler;
  • high efficiency in winter thanks to cooling of PV modules and absence of heat losses in the pipeline;
  • cheap assembly and easy maintenance;
  • full autonomy;
  • convenient control.



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    Full autonomy…

    The system of photoelectric hot water supply may operate in fully-autonomous mode during daytime and heat the water only from energy of the sum even there, where there is no power grid!

    ...or additional heating from power grid

    After connecting the system to the power grid you can relax about underheating from PV modules: if there is the low solar activity and insufficient temperature of water, DC/DC converter SOLAR KERBEROS (Czech Republic) will automatically connect the external network and additionally heat the water up to necessary temperature. Hereby, you will exactly know how much electric energy was consumed from the power grid.

    A flexible operation with energy overproduction

    The photoelectric hot water supply systems are not subject to any problems of overheating and stagnation at all – when the water in the tank is heated to the set temperature, the converter will automatically shut off the voltage supply to the heating element and will stop the heating. It will not damage the PV modules that continue generating the electric power by any way.

    Some options of configuration and capacities allow flexibly controlling the utilization of excessive electric energy, produced by PV modules. For example, if there are any excesses of energy from PV modules, you can not only heat the water but charge the accumulators for provision with uninterrupted power supply (configuration C).

    The system can also redirect the excesses of energy to the second heating element to heat the water in heating system (configuration H).

    The ease of installation enables using the energy of the sun not only by owners of private houses but the residents in multiple-occupancy buildings. Thanks to application of electric cable for connection instead of the pipelines with the transfer medium, the PV panels without losses of efficiency may be installed at the large distance from the heater

    Варианты конфигураций PV ГВС

    Convenient control and statistics

    The photoelectric hot water supply systems, based on DC/DC converter SOLAR KERBEROS, may finely be adjusted, as well as you can receive the important information about operation of system on the colored touch-screen.

    The information is available both online and in the form of the log that allows studying the statistics of performance, consumption and efficiency of the system during different periods of time.

    Technical parameters

    315.B/C/H 320.B/H
    Volume of boiler 50-150 liters 150-200 liters
    Number of hot water supply users 1-3 persons 3-4 persons
    Number of PV modules 6×260W 260 W
    Necessary area of the roof 9,9 m² 13,2 m²
    Input alternating voltage 230В, 50Hz 230В, 50Hz
    Maximum input current 13А 13А
    Recommended capacity of heating element 2-2,5kW 2-2,5kW
    Adjustment range of water temperature 10~80 °С 10~80 °С
    Thermal fuse Electronic Electronic


    Taking into consideration the assembling and installation and start-up works the cost of photoelectric hot water supply system is comparable with the cost of solar thermal system with the corresponding capacity.

    You can get the price offer for photoelectric hot water supply system with the forecast for its productive capacity and payback at dealers of “Atmosfera” in all regions of Ukraine..