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Thin-film PV modules

Modern CIS, CdTe technologies or amorphous silica is used at manufacture of thin-film PV modules. As a rule, a thin-film PV module consists of one photovoltaic cell that reduces the shading effect on system generation. Thin-film PV modules provide with maximum generation per unit of installed capacity. The compact sizes, not large weight and the possibility to change the geometry allow using these PV modules as roof and façade coatings. The efficiency of thin-film PV panels is in average 10%; the specific generation in Central Europe (Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and midlands of Russia) is about 1.3 kW h per 1 W of installed capacity for a year.


Calyxo CX3 PV modules

Icon of Тонкопленочные фотомодули Calyxo Тонкопленочные фотомодули Calyxo
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Thin-film PV modules Calyxo CX3

The economically efficient high-performance series of PV modules Calyxo CX3 (Germany) is made pursuant to innovative CdTe (cadmium telluride) technology. The use of these PV modules allows significantly reducing the total cost of generating electric energy.

The modules, based on cadmium telluride, have the higher efficiency at diffuse solar radiation. This results in additional generation of energy by 10-30% more during a year in comparison with conventional silica modules.

With thickness of less than 7 mm (without regard to screw termination), PV panels Calyxo CX3 show high efficiency. Hereby, the installed capacity has the positive allowance of up to +2.5 W, so, you can receive more from such modules!
One more significant advantage of Calyxo CX3 is low temperature factors. Thus, at increase in temperature of more than 45°C, in comparison with PV panels, based on silica, the cadmium telluride photovoltaic cells show the reduction in capacity that is by 60% less.

Panels Calyxo CX3 are installed practically to any surface or coating. The PV modules may be installed both to sloping and flat roof (angularly or horizontally), or directly to the surface. The double-sided coating from glass and absence of frame make it possible to install these modules directly in the construction structure – into the facades or roof.

Thin-film PV modules Calyxo CX3 have the guaranty of 10 years for defective articles and 25 years for preservation of efficiency. The manufacturer guaranties that the capacity of PV panels would not be reduced by more than 10% in 10 years and not more than by 15% in 25 years of operation.

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