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Инструкция по монтажу и эксплуатации

“Atmosfera-Easy!” kits are the complete kits of equipments, components and consumables, necessary for assembly and installation of solar hot water systems.

Each kit “Atmosfera-Easy!” includes:

  • Evacuated-tube solar collector Atmosfera with the kit for installation
  • Storage tank Atmosfera with 2 heat exchangers
  • Workstation with a circulating pump and a safety group
  • Solar controller
  • Expansion tank Zilmet CP
  • Automatic air valve Caleffi
  • Heat-insulated corrugated stainless pipeline NanoFlex with the complete kit of all necessary fittings and pipe fittings
  • heat transfer agent for solar thermal systems Tepro-30P Solar

This complete set was specially selected by engineers from Atmosfera for you not to calculate anything on your own and to choose. Having ordered “Atmosfera-Easy!” kit, you will receive the carefully packed kit of equipment and components, which include almost all you need! No searches for missing nipple or washer, everything has thoroughly been thought, accounted and packed!

Advantages of “Atmosfera-Easy!” kits

  • All is inclusive and ready for shipment!
    Your solar thermal system is packed into compact pallet position and is ready for shipment on the day of order (payment)
  • The solar thermal system is optimally selected and balanced taking into consideration the working experience at specialists from Atmosfera for many years
    No complex miscalculations and long agreements of configurations – trust to professionals!
  • The most popular systems with the volume of 100, 200, 300 and 500 liters (do you need more? Find here))
    There are simple solutions for simple tasks!
  • A simple installation chart allows assembling the system even by an inexperienced installer!
    The kit includes the comprehensive instruction and installation chart. Do you have an adjustable spanner, piped roller and Teflon thread or fiber packing? Then you will be able to install the solar system with your hands! “Atmosfera-Easy!” kits are so well-chosen and the components are fitted to each other that everyone, who just for once dealt with the installation of water supply, can install it. *

Order a kit:

    A complete set and prices

    “Atmosfera-Easy!” is not just a kit of components but a commercially profitable product! The price for “Atmosfera-Easy!” is by 5% less than the sum for cost of components, included into it!

    Atmosfera-Easy! 100 Atmosfera-Easy! 200 Atmosfera-Easy! 300 Atmosfera-Easy! 500
    Solar collector Atmosfera SVK-Nano Plus-10 Atmosfera SVK-Nano-30 2 × Atmosfera SVK-Nano-20 2 × Atmosfera SVK-A-30
    Storage tank of indirect heating Atmosfera 100 liters, 1 heat exchanger Atmosfera 200 liters, 2 heat exchanger Atmosfera 300 liters, 2 heat exchanger Atmosfera 500 liters, 2 heat exchanger
    Extension tank Zilmet CP 3/4″ 8 liters Zilmet CP 3/4″ 18 liters Zilmet CP 3/4″ 25 liters Zilmet CP 3/4″ 35 liters
    Workstation Wilo Star STG 25/6, 3/4″ BRV (WILO ST 15-6 ECO) GRUNDFOS Solar 15-65
    Solar controller СВУ SR250 СВУ SR208C
    Pipeline NanoFlex, 15 meters NanoFlex, 15 meters NanoFlex, 15 meters NanoFlex, 20 meters
    Air valve Automatic air valve Caleffi
    Heat transfer agent Tepro-30П (Solar), 20 liters Tepro-30П (Solar), 30 liters Tepro-30П (Solar), 50 liters
    Additional components Fixtures of collector and extension tank, nuts, half-rings, washers and nipples for corrugated pipe, ball cocks, angles, bushings, T-connectors, adapter couplings
    Cost of components $1806 $2336 $2809 $4057
    Kit price $1715 (-5%) $2219 (-5%) $2668 (-5%) $3854 (-5%)


    You can find more efficient solar system on the page of commercial offers..

    * The guarantee commitments of Atmosfera cover the self-installed systems, which were launched under control of regular specialists or certified representatives from Atmosfera. The test run of the system includes the verification for correctness of its installation and filling in with heat transfer agent.