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Quick installation systems BRV®

brv_logoBRV (Bonetti Rubinetterie Valduggia S.r.l.) is the world largest OEM manufacturer of pumping groups and a full range of components to heating systems. The systems, made at BRV plant, are easy to install and are in average by 15-20% cheaper than the analogs by other European manufacturers. ATMOSFERA is the exclusive representative of Italian plant-manufacturer in the territory of Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries. In 1997 BRV passed through certification according to UNI EN ISO 9002. And since 2003 it is certified and conforms to UNI EN ISO 9001 standard, some product lines are approved by different international and national institutes of standardization, such as WARS, DVGW, CEN, etc.

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[566.4 KB, Ver.23.03.2016, Скачано: 4493 раз(а)]
Icon of Информационная брошюра BRV 2014 Информационная брошюра BRV 2014
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Pumping groups for solar systems

Насосные группы для солнечных системThe ergonomic design and good quality of assembly will provide with the stable operation of solar system and will save the resource for installation organization. The pumping groups for solar systems are furnished with circulating pump Wilo, flow meter with system charge and discharge group, 6 bar safety group, check valve and thermometer. The complete set of the group may differ depending on system needs, where it will be used, and wishes of a client.

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Pumping groups for heat pumps

Насосные группы для тепловых насосовThe groups have the flow and return lines, which are previously installed into heat-insulating body. The pumping group for heat pumps performs all functions, necessary for proper circulation of transfer medium in the loop. The universal rear metal plate provides with quick fitting of device to the wall or solar tank.

Pumping groups for solid fuel boilers

Насосные группы для твёрдотопливных котловThe pumping group for solid fuel boilers of moderate capacity (woods, pellets, etc.) allows connecting a boiler directly into heating system or through intermediate buffer reservoir. Using the special three-way anti-condensation valve, the group automatically increases the temperature of transfer medium in return line of heating system to the level that exceeds the condensation temperature. This prevents from formation of scale in the boiler and in the chimney and improves the performance characteristics and service life of boiler and system in general.

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Icon of Прайс-лист Насосные группы BRV Прайс-лист Насосные группы BRV
[1.5 MB, Ver., Скачано: 3519 раз(а)]

Pumping groups for hot water supply systems (ModvFresh)

Насосные группа для систем ГВС (ModvFresh)The pumping group ModvFresh is used in the systems, where the inertial (without pressure) or similar tanks are connected to solar system, solid fuel or pellet boilers in case when the stratification (temperature distribution in altitude) is not compulsory. The group provides with flow water heating for hot water supply systems, cleaning from bacterial pollution (such as, legionella), caused by water stagnation.

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Pumping groups for heating systems

Насосные группа для систем отопленияThe product range of BRV also includes the pumping groups for heating systems.

  • Pumping group without mixer
  • Pumping group with 3-way mixing valve
  • Pumping group with 4-way mixing valve
  • Pumping group with 3-way mixing valve and electronic control of fixed temperature

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Icon of Прайс-лист Насосные группы BRV Прайс-лист Насосные группы BRV
[1.5 MB, Ver., Скачано: 3519 раз(а)]
Icon of Прайс-лист Коллекторы BRV (ENG) Прайс-лист Коллекторы BRV (ENG)
[210.0 KB, Ver., Скачано: 2863 раз(а)]

Components for heating systems

Комплектующие к системам отопленияAt present moment, thanks to developments of BRV, the connection of different elements in heat supply systems does not present a problem anymore.

The whole range of collectors, servo systems, recycling pumps, controllers and safety groups from BRV are furnished with reliable joints, which provide with easy installation, and, as a consequence, allow saving your time.

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Icon of Прайс-лист Краны, регуляторы BRV (ENG) Прайс-лист Краны, регуляторы BRV (ENG)
[247.6 KB, Ver., Скачано: 2823 раз(а)]