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расширительные баки

Expansion tanks

ATMOSFERA offers a wide range of expansion tanks ZILMET and ELBY of Italian production. The expansion tanks are used in water supply, heating and refrigerating systems, as well as solar systems. This type of tanks compensates not only the thermal modes but the hydrodynamic impacts with different degree of energy.

The membrane expansion reservoirs for systems are designed to create the closed-circuit heating systems with different volumes in cottages, residential houses that have the individual heating system and in other facilities.

There are reservoirs with capacity from 4 liters to 750 liters for heating systems, as well as from 12 to 500 liters for solar systems.

Armaflex 1

Rubber heat-insulation

The heat insulation from cellular rubber substance has high heat-insulating properties and efficiently prevents from formation of condensate even at critical temperatures. The heat insulation from cellular rubber substance can be standard (the temperature range is from -50°C to +110°C) and high temperature (the temperature range is from -50°C to +150°C).

The rubber heat insulation is a very flexible material, is produced in the form of pipes with different diameters, sheets, rolls, self-adhesive tape. The technical heat insulation that has no analogs due to its reliability is unique with its wide range and application range, is used both as heat insulation for heating and water supply systems, refrigerating appliances, air conditioning and ventilation, as well as in different spheres of industry, in cryogenic equipment, at oil and gas enterprises and in shipbuilding.

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Icon of Каучуковая теплоизоляция Kaiflex Каучуковая теплоизоляция Kaiflex
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Icon of Каучуковая теплоизоляция Armaflex Каучуковая теплоизоляция Armaflex
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Connectors MC-4

They are used for communication of solar modules, as well as solar systems.

Connector MC-4 is characterized by ease of use with safe connection (attachment) for human. When connectors MC-4 are used one can apply the multiple numbers of connection/disconnections, as well as one has the possibility to connect the cables of solar panel with different cables of other diameters. Besides, connectors MC-4 withstand the current of high load.

The convenience, ease and safety in use, reliability of connection are the main advantages in use of connectors MC-4.

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кабель для модулей

Cables for solar batteries

For surface work it is recommended to apply the special cable for solar panels. Unlike usual cables, the cable for solar panels has the special double layer insulation, which protects its copper conductors against all types of environmental impacts (rain, snow, ultraviolet emissions, heat drops).

The application of this cable will allow avoiding the possible problems at operation of photovoltaic plants and systems.

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BV 2-х и 3-х ходовыеElectromagnetic valves – are the device that uses the electromechanical principle of operation to regulate (to open and to close) the flow of operating medium. There are 2 types: BV and HL.

High technology 2 and 3 way valves from series HL-G are the cheap and reliable technical solution for systems with necessity in control of flows through their differentiation thanks to the breech mechanism with return spring. They are characterized by minimal sizes and weight, as well as qualitative regulation function and high air-tightness in closed condition.

High technology 2 and 3 way stop valves from series BV have the turn ball drive that provides not only with differentiation of flows but with the air-tightness at pressure of 10 Bar. The designed structure of inner parts and high service life of gland conform to all requirements of long-term operation without compulsory technical maintenance.

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Icon of 2-х и 3-х позиционные клапаны серий NL-G, BV 2-х и 3-х позиционные клапаны серий NL-G, BV
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