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Accumulator batteries

Most renewable sources of electric energy are characterized by inconsistent power generation. The accumulator batteries are used as a buffer for stabilization of output power or as a primary power system at absence of generation in the system for systems, where the main generation of electric energy is carried out using the PV modules, wind generator or mini hydro power plants.

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BYD B-Box – modular lithium iron phosphate accumulator battery

BYD B-BOX BYD B-Box is a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) accumulator battery with battery management system (BMS) to be used with additional inverter. Thanks to modular design B-Box may be increased due to capacity:

  • B-Box 2.5 (2.56 kW h / 2.45 kW h)
  • B-Box 5.0 (5.12 kW h / 4.9 kW h)
  • B-Box 7.5 (7.68 kW h / 7.35 kW h)
  • B-Box 10.0 (10.24 kW h/ 9.8 kW h)

The whole system may be increased using the additional units of accumulator battery B0Plus 2.5 at any time. You can increase up to 10 kW h in 1 case (9.8 kW h of useful capacity) and up to 80 kW h in 8 cases (78.4 kW h of useful capacity).

Lithium accumulator BYD in more details

Stand-alone systems with LI-ON batteries

Accumulators Trojan RE

АКБ Trojan RE The lead-acid batteries with liquid electrolyte TrojanRe, being served, were designed especially for use in the electrical power systems with renewable energy sources. Having installed the accumulators of series RE, you will receive the service life by six times more than the budget non-serviceable batteries for the same price. The accumulator batteries TrojanRE ideally suit to the most system with capacity from 3 kW.

Accumulators Challenger

АКБ ChallengerThe budget non-serviceable lead-acid batteries AGM-and GEL-accumulators Challenger are designed to be used in the uninterruptible power sources. The accumulator batteries Challenger are insensitive to strokes and vibrations, have the low self-discharge and resistant to negative temperatures. It is recommended to use these batteries in small systems with capacity of up to 3 kW, where it is impossible to perform the maintenance of accumulators.

Victron Energy - lithium iron phosphate accumulators

akumThe lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) accumulator batteries Victron Energy are the safest among lithium ion accumulators. Unlike most lithium ion batteries, lithium iron phosphate accumulators Victron Energy are resistant to full discharge or undercharge. At partial charge the accumulators, based on LiFePO4, even increase the service life – up to 5,000 cycles at charge by 50%.

The advantage of lithium iron phosphate accumulators Victron Energy is also a wider range of operating temperatures, low internal resistance, high efficiency and long service life: from 2,500 to 5,000 cycles.