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On-grid solar power plants

сетевые солнечные электростанции

Ready configurations of on-grid plants:

Icon of Комерційна пропозиція 5 кВт мережа Комерційна пропозиція 5 кВт мережа
[942.1 KB, Ver., Скачано: 21113 раз(а)]
Icon of Комерційна пропозиція 10kW мережа Комерційна пропозиція 10kW мережа
[946.4 KB, Ver., Скачано: 29979 раз(а)]
Icon of Комерційна пропозиція 20kW мережева Комерційна пропозиція 20kW мережева
[948.7 KB, Ver., Скачано: 11594 раз(а)]
Icon of Комерційна пропозиція 30kW мережева Комерційна пропозиція 30kW мережева
[950.0 KB, Ver., Скачано: 20134 раз(а)]
Icon of Комерційна пропозиція 50kW мережева Комерційна пропозиція 50kW мережева
[947.8 KB, Ver., Скачано: 6329 раз(а)]
Icon of Комерційна пропозиція 100kW мережева Комерційна пропозиція 100kW мережева
[947.0 KB, Ver., Скачано: 10325 раз(а)]

The on-grid photovoltaic power plants function only together with the network. The inverter gives the whole energy, generated by PV modules, to the network. The installation of such plant will allow significantly reducing the consumption of electric energy during daytime. There is also the possibility to receive “feed-in tariff” for such installation.

You can choose one from ready configurations of on-grid solar power plants with capacity from 250 W to 100 kW, offered by us (on the right).

If none of our ready commercial offers suits you, you can order the individual calculation and the commercial offer at specialists of Atmosfera for your unique task and technical specifications.

Only certified equipment!

The on-grid solar plants, suggested by us, include only certified components of famous world manufacturers. This is not by accident! Each private power plant at connection to the power grid for public use shall pass through compulsory technical inspection.

Calculate your on-grid plant:


    You will not have any problems with putting the on-grid plant from Atmosfera into operation!

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