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Atmosfera for the first time in Ukraine presented the pv modules Linuo.

Linuo Company is well known in Ukrainian market as a manufacturer of one of the best vacuum pipes for solar collectors in the world. However, in addition to this, it also produces the photo modules of high quality. Now the national users will be able to know Linuo in this new aspect.

Atmosfera has been cooperating with Linuo Company for many years already: being its official partner, Atmosfera completes its evacuated-tube solar collector SVK-A and SVK-TwinPower with branded pipes Linuo Paradigma. After restructuring of business, as a result from which Linuo Paradigma has become a part of German Chinese Group Linuo Ritter International, our company paid attention to the other products of newly established concern.

The new possibilities of Linuo have coincided with the new concept of Atmosfera for enlargement of stock list and diversification of supply chains. Thus, Atmosfera took the decision to start the sales of modules from known German Chinese concern.

The new polycrystal pv modules LN260(30)P-4-260 from Linuo with capacity of 260 W appeared in the market of Ukraine at the beginning of November and are available in dealers’ chain of Atmosfera. The recommended retail price at the level of analogs – $208.

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Icon of Фотомодули Linuo LN260(30)P-4-260 Фотомодули Linuo LN260(30)P-4-260
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