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Atmosfera became the official distributor in Ukraine of one of the largest world manufacturers of rechargeable Li-Ion batteries – BYD Company.

The first model of BYD batteries, supplied to Ukraine, was the lithium accumulator BYD B-Box. BYD B-Box is a lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO) accumulator battery with “battery management system” (BMS) to be used with additional inverter. The battery is first of all interesting with its durability (it withstands up to 6 thousands of charge-discharge) and very long official warranty for accumulator batteries – as many as 10 years!

Hereby the depth of discharge may reach 98%!

In comparison with usual lead-acid batteries, which service life is by 10 times less, lithium ion battery BYD B-Box is characterized by lower cost factor of energy storage: 1 kWh of electricity, saved in BYD B-Box, will cost approximately ₴5 ($0.2) to its owner (in comparison with ₴20 ($0.76) per 1 kWh in lead-acid batteries).

Icon of Инфолист АКБ BYD B-BOX (UA) Инфолист АКБ BYD B-BOX (UA)
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Application of lithium batteries BYD B-Box

Battery BYD B-Box is compatible with stand-alone and hybrid inverters from such manufacturers as
SMA, Victron Energy, Goodwe, Solax,  and may be used both in autonomous and autonomous network electric power systems with application of solar generation or without it.

The large battery capacity and its ability quickly and almost completely to discharge without worsening in performances allows using the system on the basis of accumulator battery BYD B-Box for temporary increase in peak loads in the local grid, “mixing” the energy from accumulator with the energy from the common user network.

Scheme of hybrid energy system with battery BYD and inverter and controller Victron Energy

Схема гибридной энергосистемы с батареей BYD и инвертором и контроллером Victron Energy


Clusters up to 80 kWh!

B-Box batteries by BYD may be joined into clusters, increasing their total power from 2.5 kWh to 80 kWh.

Thanks to modular design,  from 1 to 4 batteries per 2.5 kWh each may be installed into one rack case.  In addition, up to 8 such boxes per 10 kWh may be connected in parallel, thus, increasing the total capacity up to 80 kWh.

The recommended retail prices for B-Box from BYD are established at the following level:

  • BYD B-Box 2.5kWh battery – €2186
  • BYD B-Box 5.0kWh battery – €3964
  • BYD B-Box 7.5kWh battery – €5743
  • BYD B-Box 10.0kWh battery – €7521