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Atmosfera presents brand new premium bifacial PV modules JAM72D10-400MB in Ukraine. In bifacial panels, silicone cells are arranged on both sides, on the face and on the back. Contribution of the back side to power generation results in significant increase of power production. Subject to correct installation, the gain in power production can amount up to 20% depending on the reflectance of surface under the PV modules.

Shipment from Ukrainian Atmosfera warehouses coming in March. Order the new modules today from the distributor network of the company!

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Bifacial PV modules provide a number of advantages:

  • increase power production of PV plants by up to 20%;
  • provide better return of investments compared to single-sided PV modules;
  • reduce capital expenditures on PV plant construction;
  • show increased mechanical resistance;
  • are less susceptible to deterioration.

Why bifacial PV modules are more efficient?

One of the options to increase power generation by PV plants is to use bifacial PV modules.

Unlike single-sided PV modules, these PV modules are able to capture additional insolation on their backside, which can absorb solar irradiation reflected from the surface on which the solar panels are installed

Depending on the type of surface, the total annual power production can increase by 5-7% (in case the PV modules are installed on sand or grass) to 20% (in case they are installed in snow-covered areas or on a highly reflective surface).

The applications of this technology quite predictably include ground-based industrial-scale, commercial and private PV plants mounted on sand or grass.

However, these are not the only application options: the use of this technology is expanded by installation of the PV modules as canopies on parking lots, as well as at floating power plants, which are also often equipped with bifacial PV modules.

Why increase efficiency by 20%?

Due to continuous reduction of subsidies for installation of industrial-scale PV plants, the investors aim to decrease the cost of electric power, which depends on capital and operating expenditures, in order to ensure high rate of return on PV plants.

Capital expenditures can be reduced by increasing the capacity of an individual PV module, so that the same capacity requires fewer PV modules, fixture systems and cables.

The manufacturers of PV modules and inverters also look towards increasing the efficiency of their products to make them produce more electric power.

Global trend towards reduction in cost of electric power

When comparing CAPEX and OPEX of PV plants based on regular single-sided PV modules to those of PV plants based on bifacial PV modules, you can see that ROI (the payback period, or the so-called rate of return on the plant) of PV plants with bifacial PV modules is better that of single-sided solutions.

This mainly depends on the type of surface on which the panels are installed, since this is the main factor affecting the additional insolation of the back PV module surface. However, this main factor is not the only one.

It is equally important to follow the installation requirements, since it is advisable to avoid shading of bifacial PV panels in the back, in order to not compromise the effect of additional power generation.

According to a number of recognized research reports, the investors and EPC businesses have become noticeably more interested in bifacial solutions over recent years. As a result, the market of bifacial PV modules is expected to dramatically grow in 2020-2022.

Atmosfera is among the first companies to introduce this technology to Ukraine, with sale of such modules to consumers coming as early as in March!

Order JA Solar bifacial PV modules today from the Atmosfera distributor network throughout Ukraine.