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Atmosfera, which performs the training courses and seminars for professionals in the field within own program Atmosfera Academy for 7 years already, announces about radical change in format of training program.

As before, the new changed program will be divided into solar thermal and pv directions. However, the seminars of elementary level earlier included both these directions, now this division will start from the very first introductory seminars. Thus, the specialists will be able to establish their future specialization since the very beginning and to receive more advanced and complete knowledge and skills.

The topical educational programs due to level of students’ proficiency will now be divided into three modules:

  • Module 1. Basics and equipment
      • Review of technologies and equipment
      • Flow charts and designing basics of solar thermal or pv systems
      • Basic commercial training (formation of proposals)
  • Module 2. Advanced theory
      • Detailed study of different types of equipment
      • Exact calculations of systems and selection of equipment
      • Protection of energy systems
  • Module 3. Assembly and service, practice
    • All stages of assembly
    • Operation and service maintenance
    • Practical assembly of solar thermal and pv system.

At the end of each module all trainees will pass through compulsory testing, which positive result will be the access to the next module and transfer to the next stage of training. Hereby, it is possible to pass through the first two stages of training on extern basis – only through free passage of tests (including on remote basis) and without visiting the seminars.

Thus, even a completely untrained student, having passed through all three modules, will be able to become a qualified specialist from scratch. At the same time already working specialist will always be able to receive more advanced knowledge and skills without losing any time for revision of already learnt material.

Due to results from study the trainees will receive the diplomas that mention the specialization of passed courses and characteristics of success rate.

As before not only the existing dealers-companies but all who desire may take part in educational program of Atmosfera. Hereby, the dealers receive the preferential terms that allow them passing through the training free of charge or at the minimum payment.

The seminars will still be performed not only in Kyiv but away – in Lviv, Dnipro, Odessa, Zhytomyr, Kharkiv, Kherson and other cities.

“We perform the professional seminars since 2010, – tells the director of Atmosfera Academy Aleksandr Kovpak. – More than 5 thousands specialists passed through study at Atmosfera Academy during that time. The programs of seminars were constantly changed; the new topics and technologies were added into it. Our teachers were developed together with our trainees. Finally, we decided that it was high time to use the accumulated experience and to make the program more advanced and efficient”.

In addition to technical education, you can also pass through 2 days course on sales and marketing of solar thermal and pv systems at Atmosfera Academy. This course will be available only to existing dealers of Atmosfera.

The program of educational seminars will be published on the corporate website, , as well as in pages of Atmosfera in social networks Facebook and Google+.