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Feed-in tariff for enterprises

In Ukraine feed-in tariff for enterprises allows selling the solar electric power to Energy market due to special prices: EUR 0.1126 per kWh for ground plants, EUR 0.1228 per kWh for plants, located on the roofs of industrial enterprises, office and administrative buildings.

The tariffs for repurchase of electric power due to feed-in tariff are guarantied by the state until 2030 and fixed in the Law of Ukraine “About electric power”.

At present moment the PV plant for feed-in tariff is one of the most profitable investments for businessmen, who have the sufficient amount of spare spaces.

Start the new stable business with attractive periods for return of investments!


Net profit
up to UAH 2 millions per year

from 1 ha of economic areas
(It is sufficient for arrangement of 0.5 MW plant)

How does the industrial feed-in tariff work?

как работает промышленный зеленый тариф?


Industrial PV plants with connection of feed-in tariff on turnkey basis from EUR 0.7 per W!

How to connect a feed-in tariff for enterprises?

The connection of powerful grid-tie PV-system due to feed-in tariff is not a simple process both in technical, organizational and legal terms.

Fortunately, “Atmosfera” Company constructs megawatt plants and connects them to feed-in tariff “on turnkey basis”!

The specialists of “Atmosfera” are ready completely to take upon themselves all aspects for establishment of the new energy business for you:

  • to design a grid-tie PV-system according to all requirements of regulatory authorities
  • to select and to supply a complete set of equipment, starting from PV modules and inverters and finishing with attachments and connectors
  • to assemble the equipment in the territory of the customer
  • to perform the launch and adjustment of plant
  • to accompany the process for legal execution of connection at all stages.

While constructing the plants for industrial feed-in tariff the clients of “Atmosfera” reliably receive the lowest prices for equipment and the highest quality of works in the market!

”Atmosfera” Company has been working in the market of renewable power generation since 2007 and is ready to provide with the sufficient level of competence and guarantees for quality of works and equipment.

If you are just a beginner in energy business and you do not know where to start, however you have the sufficient areas and the desire to earn on the solar energy, you may start your solar energy business even today!

Just contact us and get a free consultation by experts of “Atmosfera”!

The procedure for connection of industrial feed-in tariff


процедура подключения промышленного зеленого тарифа
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Order the connection of feed-in tariff for legal entities